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Woodruff Shooting Sports

Woodruff has a proud tradition of Shooting Sports excellence.  Whether it is Archery, Rifle, Shotgun, or one of our other specialty shooting programs, shooting at Woodruff is a blast. And unlike many other camps, there is no additional cost to shoot at Woodruff.

The Woodruff Shooting Sports program is led by an experienced Shooting Sports Director certified by the BSA National Camping School, the National Rifle Association and USA Archery.  Woodruff also has three additional Nationally Certified Shooting Sports Directors on staff.  Beyond leadership at the senior level, Woodruff’s shooting sports instructors have NRA and USA Archery training and certification.

Safety is the foundation of everything we do.  Whether it is a merit badge program or an open shoot, every Scout receives training in firearm safety. Class sizes and program policies are designed to give participants the best possible chance to successfully complete their merit badges.  Participants learn important skills in a fun, safe and supportive environment.


The rifle range is set up with 20 shooting positions.  Woodruff uses competition quality Savage MK-I .22 caliber bolt action rifles with aperture sights.  Sufficient rifles are on hand to make sure each shooter has a safe, clean and reliable rifle every time they shoot.


The shotgun range at Woodruff has high and low skeet houses and two trap houses.  A variety of quality shotguns are available to assure shooters they have the fit, action and gauge that best suits their needs. The range offers the opportunity for two active shooting positions, with two on standby.  


The Woodruff Archery range offers a covered line with 16 shooting positions.  We offer a mix of recurve and compound bows to give every participant just what they need to be a successful archer.

Additional Programs

Supplemental opportunities are available for participants who have completed the rifle and archery merit badges.  These programs include target airsoft, field archery and muzzle loading rifle shooting.

As always, there is never an extra charge for Shooting Sports at Woodruff!

31 Woodruff Drive
Blairsville, GA 30512
phone: 770-956-5687
fax: 770-956-5980