2015 Camp Card Sale

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Weekly Settlements

Additional cards are available, and units are encouraged to participate in District weekly settlements throughout the sale.

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What are Camp Cards:

The Atlanta Area Council Camp Card sale is one of the best - and easiest - ways for Scouts to earn their way to summer camp, high adventure camp, or day camp! A Camp Card is a $5 discount card with deals at top community partners like Waffle House, Publix, and Dick's Sporting Goods.  Its low price point and amazing deals make it an easy way for Scouts to earn money for their activities. 

Units earn a full 50% commission on all cards they sell. Even better, there is no risk to you. Simply return any undamaged cards you have left at the end of the sale.



Helpful Camp Card Information

Unit Tracking Spreadsheet

Camp Card Leader's Guide

Selling in front of vendor locations

We are grateful to the vendors who have partnered with the Camp Cards.  As a courtesy to them, please refrain from selling in front of our vendor locations.

We’re Selling Camp, Not Just Discount Cards

While the Camp Card discounts are a great plus, what you’re really selling is character and a better community.  What you are really doing is making sure that every Scout can get the benefit of summer  camp.

Helpful Camp Card Information


We are creating a "FAQ" page. Click here to submit your questions.  Our goal is to update the Q&A page with responses to your questions.




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