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The Camp for Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Summer Camp at Bert Adams

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Ask anyone what they think of when you say “Boy Scouts” and the vast majority will mention camping and the outdoors. That's why here in the Atlanta Area Council, we've worked hard to build incredible camps with modern facilities and create a summer camping program that is fun, adventurous, and an incredible learning experience.

The 1,300-acre Bert Adams Scout Camp, located in Covington, Georgia, provides NEW state-of-the-art facilities that help create a unique and quality Scouting program that is only at Bert Adams! Scouts can ride their bikes to the air-conditioned Love Dining Hall, brand new swimming pool, Langford Nature Center, Archery, Shotgun, and Rifle Ranges, the beautiful lake, or the climbing tower. Leaders can stay connected to work and home or visit with other volunteers at the Ashley Leaders Training Center. Go ahead and check out other camps in the won't find one like Bert Adams.

Our Boy Scout summer camp program includes world-class aquatics and shooting sports, along with handicrafts, outdoor skills, cultural studies, nature and ecology, and of course our famous 1st-year camper program, Rawhide. Boy Scout summer camp at Bert Adams is also home to the Attraction Trek program and the Jamison Canoe Overnight.

218 Scout Road
Covington, GA 30016
phone: 770-956-5687
fax: 770-956-5980
Camp Map

phone: 770-385-1558